Save Money With These Smart Home Appliances

Save Money With These Smart Home Appliances

  • Amy Dettore
  • 03/15/22
When we think of smart home appliances, it can be easy to think of virtual assistants like Alexa or Siri. But the truth is that smart home technology is integrated into nearly every appliance you can think of. Some of these gadgets are created primarily for convenience (e.g., starting your coffee maker when your alarm clock goes off). Some are designed to pay for themselves many times over. We'll look at five that have great rates of return.

Smart Thermostats

Smart thermostats track resident location to determine where you are and when you'll be back home. This kind of intuitive feature has been known to save up to 15% on cooling and 12% on heating. It's calibrated to cut energy by just enough to conserve your resources but not enough so it has to overwork by the time you get back. The return on investment (ROI) of your smart thermostat will depend on how often you're home and what temperature you target. If nothing else, it means you don't have to reset it every time you go on vacation.

Smart Moisture Sensors

Water damage is a seriously expensive problem for any homeowner to have. Smart moisture sensors can detect a puddle tucked in a back corner or a small leak in the walls that hasn't yet made its presence known. Before you even have the chance to expose residents to mold or make the call to a repairman to fix the walls, you'll get an alert whenever there's trouble. It's a great way to stave off excess bills.

Smart Smoke/Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Smart detectors will send alerts to your phone just in case you're not there when something occurs. This makes it easier for you to take action during the initial stages of the problem. Luckily, the smart smoke detectors of today were built to distinguish between dangerous smoke and someone who burnt their toast. They're so effective that many insurance companies give discounts or rebates when you buy them.

Smart Sprinklers

Do you always forget to turn off your sprinklers when there's rain in the forecast? Don't take the chance when you install smart sprinkler systems. By automatically adjusting the output based on external conditions, you'll avoid drowning your lawn. This appliance is controlled by an app and is highly recommended for anyone who prizes their garden or lawn.

Smart Plugs

It's easy to leave the light on when you leave a room. A smart plug gives you the option of controlling your electricity even when you're not home so that you don't have to pay the bills for one simple mistake. Whether you go to the store for an hour or on vacation for a week, you get total peace of mind. Plus, you can use smart plugs to make it look like someone is there even if they're not.
People invest in smart home technology for many reasons, but a common one is because they're looking to make more money than they spend. When you prioritize efficiency with better technology, you can cut back on your utility bills.

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